Recovery applications are available to applicants with twenty-eight (28) days of sobriety verified by an approved rehabilitation center or clergy, program sponsor, legal adviser or officer of the court. However, all applicants will be reviewed on a case by case basis. Applicants not meeting admission requirements will be placed on a call-in status.

  • All applicants are subject to drug and/or alcohol testing.
  • Recovery agreements are on an eight (8) month basis and fees are due weekly.
  • The weekly fees are due on Friday of each week between 5:00 PM and 6:00 PM.
  • All residents not employed will be actively seeking employment each day by 8:30 AM. No reasonable job offer is to be refused without prior approval of The Lighthouse Management. All voluntary terminations of employment or job changes must have the same prior approval.
  • Residents are required to attend and participate in the Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous program, attend a minimum of five (5) meetings per week and acquire a verifiable sponsor.
  • Residents agree to attend a church or place of worship on Sunday of their choice.


Residency Responsibilities Agreement

The Lighthouse Board of Trustees/Management reserves the right dismiss any resident for non-payment and/or any conduct not deemed in keeping with the goals or values of the program of recovery set forth by The Lighthouse.

  1. There will be no use or possession of alcohol and/or drugs while in residency at The Lighthouse. There will be no visitors allowed on The Lighthouse property under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs. All residents and visitors are subject to search by any means required or deemed necessary to insure compliance.  Any violation will result in immediate dismissal and possible police intervention or prosecution.
  2. Attendance of Sunday morning Christian worship services once each week is mandatory.
  3. Active participation in the AA/NA program is mandatory. Each resident is required to have a sponsor approved by the Manager.  (The Manager will not act as a sponsor.)  Each resident will work the 12 steps in order and provide documentation thereof.  Sponsors will be contacted by residents on a regular basis and meet with the Manager when requested.  A minimum of five (5) AA/NA meetings is required per week with the only exception being if a Wednesday Christian worship is attended.
  4. There will no profane language allowed by residents or visitors. Resident violations will result in occupancy review and visitor violations will result in removal from the property.
  5. Visitation policy is as follows:
  • A. Visitors are welcome with the approval from the Manager from 5:00 PM until 10:00 PM each day. No visitor may enter after 10:00 PM.
    B. Approved sponsors will be allowed at all times with notification to the Manager.
    C. Visitation by friends will be in the common area, porch or yard only. Visitation will be from 1:00 PM until 11:00 PM Saturday and from 10:30 AM until 6:00 PM Sunday.  All visitors must be approved by the Manager and are required to sign in and out.  Visitors will never be allowed in the sleeping quarters at The Lighthouse. There will be no exceptions to this policy and violations will result in immediate dismissal.
    D. Visitors will respect all residency agreements and conduct themselves in a manner in keeping with the Christian values of  The Lighthouse. Copies of signed agreements will be made available to all visitors.  There will be no hesitation by the Manager in expelling a visitor from the premises who does not respect the recovery of each resident and the Christian environment of The Lighthouse.  This decision is solely at the Manager’s discretion.
  1. Curfew is 11:00 PM Sunday – Thursday and 12:00 PM Friday and Saturday. Residents will sign in and out.  Exceptions to curfew will be granted for shift work and must be documented by pay stubs, including a supervisor’s signature.  Failure to comply with curfew will result in residency review. Individual one time exceptions may be granted by Manager/Director approval.
  2. All entrance doors to The Lighthouse will be locked at all times.
  3. Residents will, at all times, keep their sleeping quarters clean and orderly. Beds will be made each morning and inspections will be conducted by the Manager.  Consistent violators will be dismissed.
  4. Residents will be responsible for their personal hygiene and will shower each day. Facial hair will be neat and trimmed at all times. All clothing and bed linens will be washed regularly.  Personal hygiene articles will be stored neatly, out of sight and bathrooms will be kept sanitary at all times.
  5. Common areas will be kept spotless and each resident will be responsible for cleanliness and organization at all times.
  6. Meal preparation is the responsibility of each resident and all pots, pans, dishes, etc. will be washed and put in the proper storage area after each use. All garbage will be deposited in the proper container and removed to the outside collection area when full. Chronic non-compliance will result in suspension of kitchen privileges.
  7. The Executive Director, Director of Operations and House Manager must be notified of any medications, both prescription and over-the-counter, that are being taken and certain prescription medications will be dispensed only by management. Use of any mind or mood altering medications is not allowed and will result in the resident’s dismissal. On rare occasions exceptions may be granted by the Executive Director only.
  8. Duties such as house cleaning, yard work and general property maintenance will be assigned on a rotating basis by the manager and will be performed on a timely basis. Failure to cooperate will result in dismissal.
  9. Smoking or the use of tobacco products is not permitted inside The Lighthouse. Cigarette butts are to be disposed of in containers provided and never thrown on the ground.
  10. Gambling is prohibited. This includes lottery tickets.
  11. There will be no solicitation by residents or visitors or personal loans.
  12. Residents will dress appropriately at all times.
  13. Clothing containing references to drugs, alcohol or lewd behavior is prohibited;
  14. Sleeveless shirts are prohibited;
  15. Shirts must be worn outdoors;
  16. Residents are responsible for the dress of their visitors and those not respecting the dress code will be asked to leave
  17. Cell phones must be placed on “vibrate” or “silent” after curfew times.
  18. Television cable service will be the responsibility of the resident.
  19. Television programming will be monitored for content.
  20. There will be no additional tattoos or body piercing while in residence at The Lighthouse. There will be no body piercing jewelry worn while at The Lighthouse.
  21. All residents will attend the weekly community meeting as scheduled by Management. Required information will include but not limited to: Christian worship services, attended, AA/NA meetings, sponsor contacts, employment and maintenance of The Lighthouse.
  22. Residents of The Lighthouse may not have an intimate relationship while in residency at The Lighthouse with current or past residents of The Lighthouse or Faith Home.
  23. While in residency at The Lighthouse, single residents will maintain a celibate lifestyle. Married residents will be private about their intimate relations with their spouse.
  24. There are no pets allowed indoors at The Lighthouse.
  25. Residents will attend graduation services at Faith Home for the first four (4) weeks of residency at The Lighthouse.
  26. Residents who allow program fees to become four (4) weeks in arrears will be subject to dismissal.
  27. Personal property left unclaimed after seven (7) days of vacating the Lighthouse will be disposed of at The Lighthouse’s discretion.
  28. Residents may not enter into an agreement to purchase or actually make a purchase which would endanger their ability to fulfill to agreed upon financial obligations to The Lighthouse. Residents will discuss any such financial plans with the Executive Director prior to the expenditure.

Drug Testing Policy

All applicants will provide a list of prescribed medication from their physician on letterhead. Additionally, all applicants will provide a list of over-the-counter medication taken with any regularity.

Any resident testing positive for drug use and disputing results will be re-tested immediately.
If subsequent testing is positive and the resident wishes to continue the dispute, they will without delay leave the premises. If they choose, the resident may, at their expense, obtain an independent test at the medical facility chosen by The Lighthouse. The resident must remain off Lighthouse property pending results. Should this test prove negative for drug use, the resident will be re-instated and reimbursed for the cost of the test. No other expenses are reimbursable.

Those residents who relapse will be encouraged to seek appropriate treatment including residential rehabilitation or professional outpatient treatment. Residents who relapse may re-apply after 30-days and decisions concerning re-admission will be made by the Executive Director and Director of Operations.


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Jim Ray, Program Director


Everett Land, Executive Director


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